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Candle versus Aroma Melt

Aroma melts, also known as wax melts are growing in popularity for scenting living and work spaces. They are small pieces of scented wax that are warmed in a wax warmer to activate their fragrance. We love our aroma melts because of their versatility in all kinds of spaces. Our customers love to use them in offices, classrooms, dorm rooms, as well as their every day living spaces. 

Wax melts work with electric warmers or warmers that use a tea light. Electric warmers are the preferred option in spaces where open flames are prohibited or unsafe. 

Our aroma melts dissolve into a delightful pool of creamy wax in a wax warmer and fill a room with our luscious scents. They are economical too, with only 1-2 melts needed to be heated at a time. New melts will last 8-10 hours! In our home, we are able to reuse the same multiple times before the fragrance load full dissipates.

Check out our array of classic and fall scents to transform your home or living space.

Laura at Piper & Harlow

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