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Tips for Safely Burning Candles in Your Home

The Importance of Candle Safety

We love candles at Piper & Harlow and the multisensory experience we get from them is our favorite way to unwind, relax, and fragrance our home. Understanding how to properly burn a candle and how to be safe while doing so is paramount. Our infographic below gives tips to guide you in how to burn candles safely. 

Candles should always be in sight when burning as on of the most important ways to be safe. Trimming wicks before each burn is a best practice in candle enjoyment ensuring you prolong the life of your candle and keep the flame at an appropriate height.

1. Burning candles in increments up to four hours is important as well. This prevents the candle vessel from getting too hot.

2. Placing candles on a heat-proof surface to burn ensures furniture and surfaces are protected. Using a candle coaster or heat-safe plate helps too.

3. Stay away from drafts, fans, and open windows. This causes the flame to dance and can overheat a candle.

4. As obvious as it may seem, keep candles away from children and pets. Give candles time to cool down and solidify before handling them.

With these candle tips, you can safely enjoy candles and prolong their candle life as long as possible!


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