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Dangers of Paraffin Wax

The materials that go into our aroma melts and candles are everything. At Piper & Harlow, we are committed to using all natural waxes that are healthy to burn. We love transforming our living spaces with candles and aroma melts but we believe in adding to our living and working spaces in the healthiest way possible. To that end, we always avoid paraffin in our candles and melts at all cost.

Did you know that paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum refinement and is called slack wax? When this byproduct is collected it is full of impurities and must be chemically transformed until it meets FDA requirements. Eww!

What's worse is when it's burned it emits toxic fumes that are similar in chemistry to diesel exhaust. Paraffin wax also emits soot into the air - certainly unhealthy for our lungs. Yet, most big box candle companies use paraffin wax because it is low cost and it's easy to work with. It is attractive to mass production because it takes on vibrant color and has the best scent throw of all waxes on the market. Companies don't have to work hard to get a strong selling, brightly colored candle or wax melt.

It takes an experienced candle maker to perfect fragrance recipes with a good scent throw in all natural wax. At Piper & Harlow, we love to experiment with fragrance and finding the perfect recipe for our products. Also, all natural waxes like soy, may have a few imperfections when poured. We embrace these and see it as proof our wax is all natural and healthy. For example, soy wax likes to dimple as it sets. We love our wax and do not try to create a candle or aroma melt that looks like a mass produced paraffin one. We pride ourselves on creating a luxurious product that smells good and is good for you!

As we approach the fall and upcoming holiday season, consider the quality of the wax you are burning and gifting to those you love. Visit our collection of products that are there for you to enjoy and gift with confidence.

Sending blessings!

Laura at Piper & Harlow


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